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Müller Ltd Packaging - About us

Müller AG Verpackungen ist the origin of the Müller Group. It was founded in 1897 by tinsmith Ernst Müller in Kleinhüningen (Basle). In the first years following the foundation some 10000 tin cans were produced for the chemical industry in Basle..

Soon this building in Kleinhüningen was too small and so bought Ernst Müller in 1922 bigger premises in Tramstrasse in Münchenstein. To this date this is still the residence of Müller AG.

In Münchenstein an industrial production of mild steel drums up to 200 litres was started. In 1936 the legal form of the company was changed from sole trader to a stock company.

All premises have been expanded and modernized continously to meet increasing requirements.

In 1978 a new plant in Reiden near Luzern was put into operation. This plant produces exclusively 200 litres mild steel drums.

In the plant in Münchenstein tapered and cylindrical mild steel drums are produced: from 10 litres up to 170 litres capacity.

We operate in-house design and our own mecahnical and tool engineering. This infrastructure enables us to fulfill the requirements of our customers quickly, reliably and with high quality.

We economize continously and invest in modern production facilities.

Today the customers of Müller AG Verpackungen are mainly situated in chemical, pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrances, petroleum products, paint and coating industries.

The company's site in Münchenstein has an area of 26.000 m², in Reiden of 50.000 m².

- Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2008
- Our company is certified to EN 15593:2008 Management of hygiene for production of food packaging
- all our products have been type tested and have gained UN approval for the transportation of hazardous substances
- we operate a well-equiped quality assurance laboratory to guarantee that customer requirements will be met at all times

Müller AG Verpackungen employs about 180 full-time staff in Münchenstein and Reiden.
The company is also committed to training and offers young people apprenticeships in technical vocations.

Mild steel drums are often used several times. At the end of its life cycle the mild steel drum is recycled and used for the production of new steel.

All exhaust air containing solvents from the varnishing process is cleaned thermically in modern facilties. The emerging heat is used to heat our buildings. All production processes are optimized continously and analyzed for its environmental impact.

Our strategy:
We will continue positioning ourselves as an innovative and reliable partner in the market. Our flexibility allows us to meet your specifications at all times. We strive for long-term partnerships hallmarked by mutual esteem.

Annual investment plans ensure that our facilities represent state-of-the-art manufacturing.