125 years of Müller Packaging: 2022 to celebrate - and say thank you

125 years of Müller Packaging: 2022 to celebrate - and say thank youMüller Packaging

125 years of safe packaging solutions. 125 years as a reliable partner to the processing industry. 125 years of successful growth and defying economic crises. Many good moments, some tragic incidents - and always advancing the Müller idea. Right up to the fifth generation. A traditional family business celebrates its jubilee.

On special jubilee pages, the historical story and the stories of the jubilee year 2022 are presented in a colorful and manifold way. Numerous employees share their views, which provides additional exciting insights into Müller AG Verpackungen.

These contributions are packaged in 12 monthly windows that open one after the other.

In the January window, Managing Director Roland Tanner talks about the jubilee year in an interview: "We have come up with a number of jubilee activities for our employees, customers, suppliers, but also for the neighborhood and the public, which we have spread over the whole of 2022. The primary aim is to say thank you to our employees, customers and suppliers for everything we have achieved together. A lot of work goes on at Müller Packaging. In 2022, there is now reason to celebrate, and that should have a place - alongside our basic mission of keeping production high and providing our customers with all-round satisfaction with quality packaging."

A first highlight of the year will be eight anniversary boards, which will be placed around the company site in Münchenstein and which will present the 125-year history in a lively and striking way. The boards also feature a contest. Passers-by (and online visitors - the anniversary boards will also be posted on the jubilee pages) can win two iPads (2021 models).

Feedback and suggestions on the jubilee are very welcome. We have opened a separate channel for this: 125(at)mueller-group.com.




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